Vintage Ludwig 1966
Rare Black Galaxy Pearl

Super Classic Drums
complete Ludwig drum set
1966 Ludwig
image from 1966 catalog

These vintage1966 Ludwig drums are all original (I have the original front bass drum head .)  I acquired this set of Ludwig Black Galaxy (Pearl or Sparkle depending on which expert you speak with) 1966 drums in 2008. Ludwig has the finish listed as “Galaxy” under pearl.

More vintage drum info :

Shell sizes
Bass Drum – 14” x 22”
Floor Tom- 16” x 16”
Tom Tom – 9” x 13”
Supraphonic Snare Drum – 5” x 14”

They were the house drums in a musicians hall for 42 years and never left the building. Their condition was one of neglect with a small amount of rust, no scratches, and a lot of indoor pollution mostly from dust and cigarette smoke. They have been dismantled and cleaned. 

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tom color
snare drum & floortom
tomtom & floortom
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